Academic Director

Dear Civil Services Candidate,

Welcome to Vedanta IAS Academy Coaching for Civil Services Examination and ias seminar .

vedanta ias academy best ias academy in delhi . Millions of candidates are standing each year for only one thousand vacancies in Group ‘A’ Civil Services. In a country where the private sector fails to make an aura of honor, a transparent mechanism to work for honor and value system for independent professional decisions, issuing options for the best and talented civil services of the land is. As a result of this, ias seminar the coaching process has been commercialized, which makes easy decisions for all those people who are influenced by the exploitation of the spectacular performance and decorum of powers around high profile posts officers in those districts. The reality of civil service is different. We should know because we have been part of the civil service for almost 4 decades through the IAS Seminar. We have an insider’s approach and insights about civil service jobs.

Our Constitution frames have chosen civil service as a distribution agent for social-economic improvement. Despite personal talent, idealism and commitment, the progress is slow and disturbing, and now the society has lost patience in the civil service due to its insulator, the style of viewing the burning problems of society has been restored.

It is for these reasons that the nature and character of the civil service, especially the most prestigious All India Services, is going through a rapid transformation. There is no change in civil service which reduces its hold on the mechanism of governance. But this change is coming. And, in the long run, this is good for civil servants. Because it will reward all those people who get results.

At Vedanta Ice Academy, we have the ability and teaching skills to give competitive advantage through recognizing this change. The curriculum is broad and requires a desire to go deeper into issues. Welcome. we deliver.